Talks and Walks with Schools



Anglo-Saxon England and Sussex

Chris talks to pupils at Findon School about the great kings and queens of the Anglo-Saxon period, including Alfred the Great. He describes religious and working lives at this time and the role of women in society.

00:00 Intro
02:06 Anglo Saxon England and Sussex
02:16 Alfred the Great
04:50 Alfred and the Vikings
06:57 A North/South divide
08:29 Reading in Saxon times
09:02 Alfred’s clock
10:15 Coinage in Saxon times
11:57 Monks and Nuns (reading and writing)
14:25 Churches and Monasteries
15:43 Women in the Church and State
21:13 King Athelstan and the Church
22:31 Life for ordinary people
27:57 Dragons, Monsters and folklore
31:12 The Nucker of Lyminster
33:47 Early Medieval Art
34:39 King Edgar the Peaceable


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Norman and Medieval England and Sussex

Chris describes the Norman Conquest and the impact of invasion and conquest on local people. He talks about ordinary day-to-day life, including, farming, health care and religion. He ends with the Black Death and its impact locally.

00:00 Intro
00:28 Norman and Medieval England and Sussex
00:38 The Normans
03:50 The battle of Hastings
07:03 The Norman Empire
09:57 King Henry II,Thomas Ă  Becket & Pilgrimages
13:53 St. Richard of Chichester
17:38 Medieval geography
18:33 Monasteries, Abbeys and Castles
20:22 Getting sick in Medieval England
21:51 A gift for a King
22:49 Everyday working lives
23:50 Hunting and forests
26:16 Jousting
26:51 Medieval Astronomy
27:41 Market Day
28:20 Findon at the time of the Black Death
31:56 Questions to Chris



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Walk to Cissbury Ring

One very hot summer’s day, Chris and pupils from Findon School visited the Iron Age hillfort at Cissbury Ring. Chris takes them to the site of the Neolithic flint mines that are three times older than the hillfort. He also explains about more recent history, including the Spanish Armada and the impact of World War Two on Cissbury.

0.00 Start
0.11 Chalk
2.03 Dew Ponds and Sheep
5.10 How was chalk formed?
6.26 The Hillfort
9.10 What is Archaeology?
10.10 Flint
11.28 Flint Mines
14.37 6000 year old font axes.
17.35 The life of a flint miner.
21.07 The Spanish Armada Beacon.
24.14 World War 2 bomb crater.
25.07 Wild strawberries
25.56 A27 – A threat to Cissbury.


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Walk to Highdown

Pupils from Chesswood School joined Chris on a walk around Highdown. They visited Highdown Towers, ‘The Miller’s Tomb,’ and the prehistoric enclosure on the summit of the hill. Mention was also made of local folklore and Midsummer customs that continue to the present day.

00:00 Intro
08:10 Geology of the South Downs
02:25 Formation of Chalk
04:40 Highdown Towers and Gardens
09:05 The Miller’s Tomb and Smuggling
20:53 Folklore and Superstition of the Miller’s Tomb
25:11 The view from Highdown
26:40 The Archaeology of Highdown
27:29 Bronze Age Highdown
31:15 Anglo-Saxon Highdown
36:23 What they were buried with
39:36 Windmills old and new
41:31 The Legend of Roundstone
42:44 The Triangulation Point
44:46 Local Geography
45:51 Midsummer Bonfires and Revels


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Shipley School visit Word War Two Bunker

Local historian, Ian Dale, takes children from Shipley School to the site of a World War Two bunker. Towards the end of the walk, Chris chats to the pupils about their village and its history and why they like living there. There is a discussion about how different their lives are to those of children who attended the school in the past.

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Bury School presentation

At a workshop held at Bury School on 2nd November 2020, Chris discussed recording, editing and interpreting oral history with group of teachers and teaching assistants. Chris has been recording oral history interviews since 1987 and gained an MA in Life History from the University of Sussex in 2001.


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Shipley School visits Chanctonbury Ring

On Thursday 16th September 2021, pupils from Shipley School visited Chanctonbury Ring. Chris talked to them up the history of Chanctonbury and why it is called ‘Ring’

Film and sound, Chris Evans, Redwood TV

Bury School History Walk

0:00 Introduction
0:29 Coombe Crescent
1:46 Gargoyles -The Grotesques
4:03 An old view of Bury
4:36 Copyhold – the oldest house in the village?
6:58 Learning more about Copyhold
10:17 Copyhold Photos -Then and Now
12:37 Phil Maynard – Memories of village life
14:28 Walking down to the river – the site of the old ferry
18:45 Bob Copper’s ambition to be the ferryman
19:47 David Johnston’s ghost story
25:59 Bury House – the John Galsworthy connection
28:40 Max McCulloch – Caring for our World

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Findon Classroom Meeting

On Wednesday 20th October 2021, four former pupils visited their old school at Findon. They met and talked with today’s Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. It was a great day, where those born in the 2010s chatted about their school and its history with those born in the 1940s. A great piece of intergenerational engagement!

0:00 Introduction
0:22 Sports Day and conkers
3:35 What school was like including discipline
8:44 School trips, holidays and school dinners
14:20 How big was the school?
15:10 Memories from World War Two
18:07 School Uniforms
20:16 The Old Milk bottle and it’s history
24:30 How Findon village has changed since the 1940s
28:55 Memories of Findon Sheep Fair
31:30 Old Sussex accents and Old Findon families
34:07 Itchingfield Summer Camp School
35:32 School doctors and dentists
36:32 School pens and ink wells
37:46 Girls and boys at school
39:30 What they did when they left school
40:18 Maypole dancing
41:06 Outside toilets and inside fires

Film and sound, Chris Evans, Redwood TV

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