Old Films

Amazing films of South Downs Village in the 1930’s

Jackie Penticost of Burpham has supplied me with some more information about these Burpham films archived at the British Film Institute:

Burpham 🎥

Burpham Movies Again 🎥

The Reverend Lyne, Vicar of Burpham at the time, donated about 20 home movies to the BFI- these are the only two digitised so far. If you google on the BFI website, there are some amazing ones of plans for the German invasion at Litttlehampton. And some wonderful Home Guard ones in West Sussex.
People on the films (from the notes) include Testers, Mills, Dick, Collyers, Foster, Holland, Brown, and many more. As there are a lot of children older Burpham residents may see themselves, or parents and grandparents. The 1939 register shows names such as O’Neill, Chris Brook, Hayler, Kingshott, Field, Brockhurst, Burns, Longstaff, Peake, Oliver, Searle, Roadknight (ran the village shop), Constance Parrington (head teacher), and many more. We’d love to identify the folk in these films.

Also shown are the Golden Wedding anniversary celebrations of former rector, the Rev. Tickner Edwardes and his wife. Tickner Edwardes wrote extensively about natural history and the lives of country people. He was also a master bee-keeper. He died on Boxing Day 1944. On Boxing Day 1994, a blue plaque was fixed to the Burpham Country Hotel in his memory (the old rectory) and actors performed an extract from one of his novels. The photograph shows Chris Hare ( now South Downs Generations project manager) talking to invited guests about Tickner Edwardes life and works outside the parish church, as part of the fiftieth anniversary celebrations.

(photograph courtesy of Chris Clarke)

Anyone with information should contact Jackie Penticost