Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood is a large Junior school of 640 children that is situated in East Worthing. We are a diverse school with around 20% of children having English as an additional language and we celebrate diversity and the range of cultures that exist locally. The school is a short walk from the seafront and opportunities to explore coastal habitats, landscape or architecture feature within the school curriculum. Our year 3 classes explore the evidence of Saxon settlements and mining in Cissbury Ring and the surrounding area. Being fairly central, we have a town trail as part of year 5 History, where children can learn about Georgian and Victorian aspects of the town and how it has changed over time. We are excited to be working with the Friends of the South Downs.

Jasper Harrison from Chesswood School in Worthing has sent us an interview he recorded with his nan, Elizabeth Greenfield, over Christmas. Jasper is an excellent interviewer and is both insightful and reflective in his questions. We learn a great deal about Worthing in the 1960s and 70s, and also Jasper’s thoughts about the changes that have taken place locally in the last 50/ 60 years. Nan has some particularly vivid memories about the changes to Homefield Park in her lifetime and the horses that used to be kept in the stables that stood on the site where Chesswood School now stands.



Ten-year-old Buddy Liszka from Chesswood Primary School produced a highly engaging interview with his former neighbour Rosie Slough. Buddy was able, in a few, well directed questions, to elicit a host of wonderful memories from Rosie. Buddy told us, “I have known Rosie all my life and it was nice to hear about her stories of her childhood in the Downs.”