The COP26 Climate Conference will be held in Scotland from the 8th – 20th November this year. All agree that tough and difficult decisions need to be taken. Some far-sighted people saw the danger that human activities posed to the global environment long before the politicians realised: there was Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, published in 1962; and before that Jorian Jenks, When Spring Comes Again; published in the 1939, but amazingly, one person saw how industrialisation could lead to catastrophic human-made climate change 136 years ago. In 1885, South Downs naturalist and writer, Richard Jefferies, fortold of the collapse of civilisation in his novel, After London.

We have made a film about Richard Jefferies, who died at Goring-by-Sea in 1887, and his prophetic novel. Please have a look and please tell us what you think – are we heading for the future Jefferies predicted for us all those years ago? We really would like to hear what you think – you can email us.