Lord Egremont at Petworth

It was a hot summer’s day last July last year when we interviewed Lord Egremont in his garden at Petworth House. A link to the full interview can be found under the Oral History section of this website. The following very short video contains some highlights from the interview – we hope it will entice you to listen to the longer version? Having inherited his title at the early age of 24, Lord Egremont has a unique perspective on the changing face of country life.


Lord Leconfield (great-uncle of the current Lord Egremont, who also inherited the Leconfield title) photographed in the 1930s,













Over the next couple of weeks we will be uploading other interviews we recorded in the summer – between lockdowns – we really hope you will be able to watch them and learn as much from them as we did from these ‘sons of the soil,’ who have lived their lives in the South Downs.

Ghosts stories
Do you have a ghost story or a legend you could tell us about? Many of our interviewees had stories of their own, from the ghost of a pub landlord to a cat that turned into a First World War soldier! This website seeks to record the inexplicable as well as the explicable. If it happened in the South Downs, we are interested to hear about it!

School days past
We are very keen to continue to work with our partner schools, both pupils and teachers, so we will also be uploading audio recordings from the archives about school life, including memories going right back to the early years of the last century.