Continuing to work despite of Covid

It is disheartening to see an upsurge in cases of Covid 19, but we can be pleased that the South Downs region has not (thus far) been badly affected. I am also pleased to report that despite all the challenges facing our partner schools it has still been possible to continue working with them.

Apart from the threat of the virus, all schools are having to catch up with months of missed lessons and clearly that has to be their priority. Yet we are delighted that each school has found time to fit project activities into their curriculum, including interviewing, research and creating guided walks.

Pupils can access this website to listen to our oral history recordings and read extracts from school log books. We plan to upload more interviews and log book entries by the time schools return after the autumn half term.

Getting out in the fresh air – even the fresh air of autumn and winter – is a healthy option and better than staying in a classroom all day. Both Bury and Shipley Schools have committed to working with the project team to create heritage trails in and around their parishes and Findon will be working on theirs later in the school year.

We will continue to regularly update the website and welcome all feedback from our website visitors.