It is truly exhilarating to see how much interest this project is generating.

We have been sent several memoirs of life growing up in the South Downs and so we have decided to create a South Downs Memoirs heading on the website. At a time when it is not possible to conduct face-to-face interviews, these personal recollections are more than an adequate substitute. I do hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have.

Also uploaded this week is an article about the legend of South Downs highwayman, Jack Upperton. Perhaps you or your family know about Jack or have heard stories about him? He lived in Burpham and was gibbeted near the Blackhurst crossroads. If you are unsure what gibbetting was, you will have to read the article!

Mystery Photo

Our mystery photo showed a saw pit in Angmering Park Woods. In the era before chainsaws, men with great, two-handled saws, would cut through great tree trunks, with one man in the pit, and the other on the rim, pulling and pushing the saw between them. There are many dozens, probably, hundreds of such pits to be found in the woodlands on the South Down





New Mystery Photo











Clearly this is a pond, but what type of pond? What was their purpose?