This week Jen Harvey, headteacher at Shipley School, dropped off her school archive, which contains many fascinating documents including the school log books. This will keep me busy for many weeks to come and in due course I will be uploading extracts onto this website.

I have now finished going through my notes on the Ashington School log books for the years 1872 – 1918, and I will be putting a selection of extracts onto the website next week.

Walking in the downland close to Worthing has been a joy at this time, with glorious sunshine, clear skies free from pollution, and only the sounds of nature – birdsong, wind in the trees – as company. Who would have imagined that the mood music of our times – the noise from traffic and planes would so quickly be abated. Is there any greater balm for the anxious, even frightening times we are living in, than this great gift of the natural world we can now enjoy?