What is the South Downs Schools Living History Project?

A unique partnership between The Friends of the South Downs and four West Sussex Primary schools. This project has been made possible by a £10,000 contribution by the Friends of the South Downs and a £48,700 grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Our knowledge of how people lived on the South Downs is being lost. A generation who remember the South Downs prior to the introduction of intensive agriculture, hastened by the food demands of the Second World War, are now in their late 80s and 90s and these precious memories will be lost forever if they are not recorded now...

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Oral History Interviews

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Talks and Walks with Schools

South Downs Scenes – Then and Now

School Logbook Research

Mystery Photos

Here is a very strange and curious photograph!

What do you think is happening here and why?

Reproduced courtesy of West Sussex Record Office (Garland Collection), N28094.

Teachers and children may like to discuss their ideas and let us know? We do know the answer and we will be very impressed if anyone gets it right!


If you think you know the answers Email Chris Hare

View previous Mystery Photos here


Interactive Map of the South Downs

Click on the squares in red to learn more about a location